Established to meet the growing demand for closing services, AMC Settlement Services offers a comprehensive list of such services to the members of AMC, including:

Clearing of Title Requirements
HUD-1/HUD-1A Preparation
Night and Weekend Closing in the Borrower's Home
Closing Scheduling
Disbursement Services

Pre- and Post-Closing Document Review

Closing Agent Closing Services
Allows your borrower to go to the professional office environment of a closing attorney or title company based on local custom and practice, to execute their loan documents.

Signing Agent Closing Services
If focusing more on your borrower's convenience is a primary objective, AMC Settlement Services also manages a comprehensive national network of Signing Agents to ensure that a closing can take place when and where your borrower requests. Unlike other signing services, along with any of the other AMC Settlement Services closing support services previously mentioned, we will still coordinate the recording of your security instrument to assure closure to your settlement process.

Customized Settlement Services
AMC Settlement Services will provide a customized Settlement Process from a simple signing only function through a complete escrow closing.

Our Settlement Services function allows you to select the functions you choose to outsource. AMC Settlement Services will conform our process to your workflow, instead of you changing your workflow to conform to our process.

No matter what your needs are, we will work in partnership with you to develop the right solutions to optimize your closing process.