Welcome to AMC SETTLEMENT SERVICES' Vendor ACCESS system. As a valued vendor in our network, you have been supplied with a security name and password which will provide you access to AMC SETTLEMENT SERVICES' exclusive menu of vendor services available through our E-Abstract and E-WIP functions.

     AMC SETTLEMENT SERVICES' E-Abstract allows you to electronically transmit data obtained from the courthouse directly into AMC SETTLEMENT SERVICES' Vision systems, eliminating handwritten errors, eliminating fax costs, improving your timeframes and increasing your overall productivity. E-Abstract is compatible with all browsers and can be used from your laptop in the courthouse to the PC in your home or office.
     AMC SETTLEMENT SERVICES' E-WIP provides a fully electronic communication media to our vendors. Communicating product updates, detailed comments regarding your assignments as well as actual product delivery, have never been easier. E-WIP will improve your productivity, enhance the delivery timeframes of your updates and improve the quality of your update information. 
     We are dedicated to improving our services to our clients as well as our vendor partners and value your opinions and insight. Feel free to e-mail or call us anytime to discuss your account, or to learn more about these services.